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What is Your Brand Obsession?

What is your brand obsession?


Part of my fully immersive 5V Branding process is to help figure out someone’s obsession.

Most people try to find their purpose when working on their ‘why’ but to me that feels so ‘grown up’ and quite honestly final. Like once you decide your purpose you can’t change it….

Obsession on the other hand feels much more powerful and motivating and something that can grow with you.

For example (as demonstrated In this adorable video/duet by Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé) Heinz are obsessed with getting the right number of beans in a can for the number of toast pieces they will be poured onto! So a small can for one, medium can size for two etc…. this obsession gives them freedom to innovate but to also provide their customers with exactly what they need.

Your obsession will then become what your customers seek you out for.

It is also another lesson in less is often better than more. Don’t overwhelm your clients by giving them too much or too many!!

So what is your obsession? It doesn’t have to be related to your current business it could be something you’re obsessed with in your personal life.

What are you obsessed with (and maybe it’s something that no one else in your industry focuses on) and how can you bring that into your brand?

PS. I am obsessed with colour and pattern and interiors. So my design style is maximalist and quirky and fun. I love the unexpected.

The dog industry is awash with clip art dogs and primary colour logos and I am pretty obsessed about changing that!! I want my clients to have fun with their brand, for it to give them confidence and to not fall prey to the ‘a dog brand needs a dog or a paw in it’ myth! Because quite often it doesn’t. This is where finding a client’s obsession helps bring that difference into their brand.

I am also designing a fabric range of bright clashing patterns and hand drawn dogs to bring in my obsessions entirely!



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