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If you're ready to play big & bold & totally unleash your brand this is for you. A 6 month fully immersive intensive with full branding, website, marketing collateral and monthly creative & brand direction sessions.

Dog Design Studio


From $10,000

Consistency is one of the most crucial things to have when it comes to our dog's behaviour and how they respond to situations and show up in our world. If we are inconsistent with what we ask of them, and how we behave around them, they become confused and less able to give us the behaviour or action we have worked so hard together to achieve.

And the same goes for your brand. It's brilliant to have a brand and a website that you are proud of and excited about and want to show off to the world but then little inconsistencies start creeping in.

You see a competitor has a different colour palette and you decide you might just like it more than yours... you see a shiny new course that will teach you to do something outside of your core offerings...

And suddenly things become confusing and quite frankly just all over the place. 

You might start to lose confidence in what you're doing (because let's face it what you're doing is different to everyone else!) and as a result you begin to water down your offerings to be more in line with industry 'standard'. What you need to keep your own brand behaviour and your response to outside influence is consistency.

And consistency is exactly what the 5V Brand Immersion will give you. It is a 6 month intensive that delivers a completely immersive brand (we're talking sight, sound, smell, touch and maybe even taste!) plus monthly creative brainstorm and brand direction strategy sessions with me. Your brand and website will be delivered in the first 2-3 months with incremental elements introduced over the full 6 month period.


The first step to working together is to book a 5V Brand DNA. The result of that will determine which package is most suitable for your brand. 

The 5V Brand Immersion is perfect if you've been using your difference to make a difference to the lives of dogs and their humans for a few years and you're ready to make a big step up. It is fully immersive branding, with a full brand and multiple variations of logo, a comprehensive website (probably an online store or membership), design collateral (marketing and social) clothing, accessories and even smell, sound and touch elements.

You've definitely been in business for a quite a few years and have a reputation amongst your peers. The 5V Brand Immersion will completely transform your brand, your business and your bottom line. 

Included in your 5V Brand DNA Report will be a full proposal including exact costings for a 5V Brand Immersion but they typically start at $10,000.

It will also include a list of suggestions in terms of design and immersion elements that will most benefit your business and solve the problems you are currently facing. If necessary it will also include a plan to introduce them incrementally. These elements could include:

Branding / Website / Stationary / Social Media / Clothing / Signage / Packaging / Scent / Music




Every branding project starts with this to dig deep and create a complete plan for a fully immersive brand that will help you use your difference to make a difference. The cost of the 5V Brand DNA is applied to any work going forward.

Dog Design Studio


If you're just starting out this package is perfect to lay the foundation you need to build and grow as your brand develops. It includes a text only logo, a five page website and blog and social media covers.



If you're ready to use your difference to make a difference this is for you. It is immersive branding, with a full brand, comprehensive website, design collateral & even smell, sound & touch elements!


As a pet business branding expert, one of the most important people on my team is a skilled, reliable, designer who just gets it. Nicola is all that and more. She is fast, efficient and it's like she reads my mind - providing things for me before I ask and exactly as I would want them!

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