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If you're just starting out this package is perfect to lay the foundation you need to build & grow as your brand develops. Includes a text only logo, 5 page website & blog & social media covers

Dog Design Studio



Getting the foundations in place right from the start of the relationship with our dogs is so important. If you don't get the basics right then it will take a lot more work and effort further down the line to fix behaviours and issues.

It can be overwhelming to do everything straight away but if you start with a good foundation you can then work with them daily to build their confidence and add to their repertoire of behaviours and actions!

It is the same with your brand and business. Sure you could DIY your website and get a logo from an online market place, but if you haven't done the deeper work needed to build a brand that is unique to you, then you're just going to have to do it all again later on.

A logo and a website are visually super key elements as far as your customer is concerned - but they are really just the result of digging deep into the 5Vs.


The first step to working together is to book a 5V Brand DNA. The result of that will determine which package is most suitable for your brand. 

The 5V Brand Essentials is for you if you're just starting out or you moving up from a Wix or DIY site but you want to get it right from the start. It will give you a magnetic logo that can be built upon as you grow as a brand and a beautiful and fully functional website that is future proof and can grow with you.

This is a set package with a cost of $3,000 and includes: a text logo, a 5 page WordPress website (+ blog) and covers for 3 social media platforms. All delivered in just 2 weeks!




Every branding project starts with this to dig deep and create a complete plan for a fully immersive brand that will help you use your difference to make a difference. The cost of the 5V Brand DNA is applied to any work going forward.



If you're ready to use your difference to make a difference this is for you. It is immersive branding, with a full brand, comprehensive website, design collateral & even smell, sound & touch elements!

Dog Design Studio


If you're ready to play big & bold & totally unleash your brand this is for you. A 6 month fully immersive intensive with full branding, website, marketing collateral and monthly creative & brand direction sessions.


I cannot express how much I enjoy working with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing job you did on my website. You made my vision come to life!

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