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The 5V Brand DNA digs deep to create a complete plan for a fully immersive brand that will help you use your difference to make a difference. 



The DNA makeup of your dog determines certain personality and behavioural traits and how they look - and the 5V Brand DNA does the same for your brand.

It's our super powerful process of digging deep into your business and pulling out #allofthethings that are jumbled up in your head and creating a practical and beautiful journey map that finally makes sense of it all.

WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? A Quick Overview

The process is divided into 3 sections:

01. DISCOVER Vision + Values - everything you need to know about your brand through a targeted questionnaire and a vision board

02. NURTURE Voice + Vibe - brand voice and vibe, and how to use them to nurture your ideal clients

03. APPLY *Visuals - all the traditional visuals elements of your brand to convey your brand to your customers (*logo design is not included)



Once you've said 'yes please! during (or soon after!) our initial 15 minute call you'll receive access to our dedicated Client Portal called Fetch@ Dotty Dog Design.

Everything you need for this entire process will be found here from your invoice, links to your Pinterest board, your design questionnaire, booking your 5V Brand DNA session and then downloading everything when we're done.


  • You will need to complete an in-depth online questionnaire about your business - it may take a little while depending on how much you need to think about the answers but you can save it and come back to it later. You'll receive a copy of your answers which you should save alongside your final 5V Brand DNA Report.
  • You will also need to follow me on Pinterest and I will create a Secret Pinterest board for us where you can pin imagery that represents how you 'see' your brand. You will receive guidance on the best way to use this Pinterest board.


We'll meet in our private video chat room for 1.5 hours to go through your homework and to share initial thoughts and ideas with you. 

We'll also brainstorm creative ideas and brand direction and nail the 5V's of your brand.

The call will be divided into 3 sections:

  • Discover (Vision + Values)
  • Nurture (Voice + Vibe)
  • Apply (Visuals)

You will also be able to ask any questions that you have relating to your brand and business.


5-7 days after our call you will receive a detailed 5V Brand DNA Report following the Discover, Nurture and Apply structure with a focus on the 5V's of your brand.

  • Vision + Values - a clear picture of your vision and values and how these can be integrated into your business
  • Voice + Vibe - an understanding of your brand voice and vocabulary, and of how you want to be perceived
  • Visuals visual brand elements including colours suggestions, font suggestions and a mood board (logo not included)

You can use the report to implement the results into your business yourself or give them to a graphic or web designer to do them for you.


Dog Design Studio


If you're just starting out this package is perfect to lay the foundation you need to build & grow as your brand develops. Includes a text only logo, a 5 page website and blog and social media covers.



If you're ready to use your difference to make a difference this is for you. It is immersive branding, with a full brand, comprehensive website, design collateral & even smell, sound & touch elements!

Dog Design Studio


If you're ready to play big & bold & totally unleash your brand this is for you. A 6 month fully immersive intensive with full branding, website, marketing collateral and monthly creative & brand direction sessions.


The best thing I ever did for The Pug Diary was the 5V Brand DNA. And I love the hand drawn logo of Ref so much I had it tattooed onto my body!

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